Artistic, Sustainable Floors Geared for the Ethically - Minded Consumer


Choose Your Tile Pattern and Size 

8” X 8” size is commonly used for historic or restoration projects while larger sizes 10”x 10”, 12”x 12” are utilized in more modern interiors.

If you need guidance to figure out which floor pattern /colors will work best for your space, for a minimum consultation fee, Laurie will help you via Skype, FaceTime, or Wire to come up with the perfect floor for you. 

Measuring Your Room For Your Square Footage  

Consult this video for directions on how to best measure your space. Then utilize the calculator to determine the amount of product you will need on the ADD TO CART page.

Note: Pattern Floors automatically adds a 5% overage to your order to ensure there is leeway and enough material for installation. If you are installing at a 45* degree diagonal add 10%  (diamond pattern)

To Order Colour Samples (not a tile sample) 

Use the CONTACT US section. Be sure to include your name, address and pattern + palette selections. A maximum of 10 samples will be delivered FedEx to you at no extra cost.


Here are both our Installation DirectionsForbo manufacturer's installation specifications and a youtube video.

Many years have gone into perfecting the craft of installing. If you do not hire a professional installer, or if your installer makes mistakes, we cannot be responsible. If, after the floor is installed, you then decide you don’t like the colour or your floor is installed incorrectly, we cannot refund your money.

Outsourcing Installation 

Your local flooring contractor may be familiar with linoleum. Make no mistake he/she knows it is linoleum not vinyl. Here are the Forbo Sales Personnel in your area that can connect you to accounts that carry Marmoleum.  They, in turn, will connect you with local installers. Ask for Forbo Master Installers.  


Custom Inquiries

1. Your floor purchase includes 2 complete colour palette changes. Any additional palette changes or changes without a floor purchase are $30 each. 

2. Here is the CUSTOM COLOUR palette

4. In CONTACT US add info regarding the pattern and palette you would like changed. 

5. Upon payment, mock-ups are sent within 48 hrs. Richard where is this payment added? 

6. All the patterns are offered in your choice of Black, White and Grey at no extra cost.

7. We will also custom design, duplicate patterns and designs with cost to be determined.


Shipping is between 4-8 weeks depending on the amount. Your order comes boxed then strapped on a palette. 


Please use the CONTACT US section regarding further inquiries.

These floors are all custom made for you. To meet our material and set up cost all orders start at a minimum of $800. 

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